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duck hunting peru. chaku peru
Ducks, doves, geese, Deer, Sheep, Viscachas, Perdiz and Pheasants.

In Peru, we hunt high volume ducks and doves, on the coast. We hunt ducks, on coastal marshes and dove, in grain fields.

Big game hunting, in Peru, takes place in the mountains, out of our lodge, at 8,000 feet. From here we can go as high as 15,000 feet above sea level to search for game. Deer, feral bull, and sheep hunting is all done, in the mountains, by spot and stalk. This hunt is not for the faint of heart, do to the lack of oxygen, at these altitudes, hunters must be physically fit. Hunters can fly into Lima, and we will pick you up the airport.

desert sheep mexico. chaku peru
Desert bighorn sheep, Mule deer, Coues Whitetail deer and Javelina

In Mexico, we have 2 ranches;

The first ranch is about 2 hours from the Arizona/Mexico border this ranch has a house with room for 4 hunters. In this ranch we hunt coues whitetail deer and javelina. Further south we have another ranch where we hunt Mule deer, Desert bighorn sheep, Mountain lion and Javelina. The hunts free range and are done from tower trucks or by spot and stalk. Bow hunters are welcome. Hunters can fly into Hermosillo or Tucson, AZ and we will pick you up from the airport.

buffalo hunting australia. chaku peru
Water Buffalo, Fallow Deer, Red Deer, Axis, Molluccan Rusa, Javan Russa, Sambar Deer, Hog Deer, Wild Boar, and Wild Goats

The Australian hunts are conducted out of our lodge in Queensland. The hunting preserve is extensive with millions of acres of wild and untamed land, composed of eucaliptus woods, swamps and grassland. There are several species of deer to hunt in the wooded and grassland areas, and water buffalo and wild hogs in the sawmpy areas. Hunters can fly into Brisbane airport there we will pick you up and drive west to the lodge.

ibex huntng span. chaku peru
Ibex, Iberian Red Deer, Chamois, Muflon, Barbary Sheep, Wild Boar and Roe Deeer.

In Spain, hunting is mostly done in the southern part from Seville to Murcia. There are several spots where we take species like: Ibex, (Gredos, Tortosa Beceite, Ronda and Sudeste Sierra Nevada), Mouflon, Wild Boar, Barbary Sheep and Iberian Red Deer. All hunts are spot and stalk. Hunting takes place on private ranches and public land, depending on the game. hunters stay at our lodge or a hotel close to the hunting areas. Hunters can fly into Sevilla or Malaga, and we will pick you up.

Bongo, Elephant, Dwarf Buffalo, Sitatunga, Giant Forest Hog, Red River Hog, Peter´s Duiker, Yellow Baked Duiker, Blue Duiker, Bay Duiker, Gabon Duiker, Bates Pygmy Antelope, Civet, Varano, Python.
red stag.jpeg
Red stag, fallow deer, water buffalo, axis, blackbuck, 4 horned ram, feral goat, and wild boar

In In Argentina we have two ranches located a few hours drive from Buenos Aires. Here we offer hunts for red stag, fallow deer, water buffalo, axis, blackbuck, 4 horned ram, feral goat, and wild boar. All hunts are free range. The ranches have big fields, low land swamps, rolling hills and tall mountains that make for amazing views. We hunt from horseback and by spot and stalk. Our lodge is a beautiful Hacienda type house with all the amenities needed.

red stag hunting chile. chaku peru
Red Stag and Fallow deer.

In Chile, we hunt out of an estate in the southern part of the country close to, Purranque. The estate is on over 2,000 acres with mixed wooded areas of Encino trees and pastures. We hunt Red Stag and Fallow deer from elevated stands, or spot and stalk. Our 5 star lodge, has all the amenities, including a sauna and indoor heated pool. Hunters can fly into Purranque or, drive south from Santiago.

whitetail deer hunting texas
Whitetail deer, Elk, Mule deer, Pronghorn, Canadian Geese, Hogs and Exotics.

Colorado and  Texas

In Colorado we have  access to over 200,000 acres of private land where we can hunt Elk, mule deer, whitetail deer, pronghorn and Canadian goose. The units are 146, 121, 132, 127,126, and 130.
In Texas we have a 5,000 acre high fence ranch with over 30 different exotic species. Contact us for availability and details on any of the hunts.

roebuck hunting france. chaku peru
Roe Buck

In France we hunt in the region of Champagne and Pau, on private estates with corn fields and wooded areas. The hunts are all fair chase, the method used is spot and stalk. Roe buck rut is September to October. Hunters can fly into Paris or Pau, and we will pick you up from there.

marco polo sheep hunting chaku peru
Mid-Asian Ibex, Marco Polo, Tian San Argali and Red Wolf.

In Kyrgyzstan we offer hunts for Mid-Asian Ibex, Marco Polo, Tian San Argali and Red Wolf. The hunting season is August to March. Hunters will be picked up from the airport in Bishkek and drive to our camp. Our camps are located throughout the Naryn River witch is+/-12,000 feet of elevation. We hunt by spot and stalk method using horses to get within range of the sheep.

In Cameroon we have a total of 5 very large concessions in the forest, all of which have well equipped camps. Each one of our camps is located in the best area for hunting each species. Furthermore, our forest concessions account for over 50 % of the total amount of licenses granted by the Cameroon Government to hunt Dwarf Buffalo, Elephant, Bongo and Forest Sitatungas. Because our forest concessions are completely isolated in remote areas that can only be reached by boat there is an abundant diversity of animals and great trophies.

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