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Angelo Tavera, an experienced world hunter, wanted to share the excitement of hunting species native only to Peru and decided to create a private game preserve to ensure the responsible management of these unique species. This is how Chaku Peru was born in 2008. Over the next several years and wanting to share the experiences and adventures gained in other destinations around the world, Chaku became an international outfitter and now brings these exciting new destinations to offer unforgettable hunts to its customers.



At Chaku we want your hunting experience to be unique and exceptional, that's why we offer customized packages. If you want a special package send us an email with your requirements and we can design an unforgettable hunting experience for you. All hunts are personally guided by owner, operator, Angelo Tavera.


When you book a hunt with Chaku you will be met at the airport, train station, or port closest to the location where you will be hunting. From this point on, all you have to worry about is having fun and an unforgettable experience since most hunts are all inclusive: meals, drinks, lodging, guns, transportation, field prep of trophies, excitement and adventure are included. Not included are licenses, gun import permits, taxidermy, shipping of trophies and shells for wing shooting


In Peru we have two ranches, one on the coast for ducks and dove and one in the mountains for biggame.


In Australia we have two ranches one east of Brisbane where we hunt deer and another in the Northern Territory where we hunt buffalo.


In Chile we have one ranch in the southern part of the country. We hunt Fallow deer and Red Stag in the forests and hill country.


In France we have a ranch in the southern part of the country. Where we  hunt roebuck in forests and rolling hills.


In Mexico we have two ranches in the sonoran dessert. We hunt mule deer, couse, javelina, and bighorn sheep.


In Spain we have a ranch in the southern part of the country. From here we hunt Ibex, Muflon, Iberian Red Deer, and Wild hogs.


We have over 200,000 acres of top quality private land in Colorado where we offer Elk, Mule deer, Whitetail deer, pronghorn and turkey


In Cameroon we have a concession Near Dja National Park, where nobody had ever hunted before. This area is excellent for sitatunga, elephant and buffalo. The only way to reach it is by boat, there are no car or truck routes.


In Kyrgyzstan we have several hunting camps along the Naryn River region where we hunt for Mid-Asian Ibex, Marco Polo, Tian San Argali and Red Wolf.


In Argentina we have two ranches totaling over 30,000 acres. We hunt red stag, fallow deer, water buffalo, axis, blackbuck antelope, 4 horned sheep, feral goats and wild boar.

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