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The lens of our binoculars is designed with multiple coatings that increase light transmission in the dim light of dusk and dawn, and multiple anti - reflective coatings on all glass surfaces exposed to air. The Chaku binoculars are sealed with rubber O- ring to prevent the ingress of moisture, dust and dirt so they are 100 % waterproof. The binoculars are filled with nitrogen gas to reduce the risk of blurred when used in areas of high humidity or sudden temperature changes. The exterior of the Chaku binoculars is coated with a durable rubber armor and provides a firm surface to hold even when wet. Chaku binoculars offers high quality at a reasonable price.

CHAKU® 12x56mm Binocular

SKU: CP12x56
    • Increase diameter: 12x56mm
    • Field of View (1000m): 96m
    • Field angle: 5.5º
    • Exit pupil: 4.7mm
    • Focusing system: dual core focus regulator
    • Prismatic glass Material: BAK4
    • Glass with multiple dielectric coatings for high light transmission
    • multiple anti - reflective coatings
    • Sealed with O- ring
    • nitrogen gas filling
    • 100 % waterproof and fog proof
    • Resistant rubber outer armature
    • Available in matte black and matte olive green
    • Wide field of view
    • Blinders conical pivot and lock
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